Key Questions

Why choose Google Analytics Premium over other paid analytics tools?

Google Analytics Premium is an enterprise class analytics tools, with an intuitive easy to use interface aimed at non-technical marketing users. The easy to understand interface allows users to quickly understand their digital presence (websites, mobile sites and mobile apps). Google Analytics Premium collects up to 1 billion hits per month, with short processing times to increase data freshness without the need for client side IT involvement. The included SLA provides peace of mind ensuring you you will get your data and any support quickly allowing you to make highly responsive data driven decisions.

Will Google continue to improve and support Google Analytics Standard?

Yes, Google Analytics Standard will continue to improve with new features and reports always in the pipeline. The lack of SLA, data and reporting limitations of Google Analytics Standard will also continue and certain new features used by enterprise organisations will only be released for account upgraded to Premium.

Can we now use personally identifiable information (PII) with Google Analytics Premium?

No, the Google Analytics end user license agreement (EULA) is still applicable to Google Analytics Premium. Engaging a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Premium Reseller, such as Internetrix, will allow you to develop a solution that meets the GA EULA while delivering you the customer insight you require.

What if I cannot or do not want to use the remotely hosted Google Analytics code library?

The library can be hosted where you prefer, Internetrix has helped clients resolve external access isssues with the GA Lib previously and can help ensure a solution is delivered to your business that meets your requirements while also ensuring you are correctly and effectively using the product.

Where is my traffic data stored?

Google product data is never singularly located in one data centre, all Google data is segmented and stored in multiple locations to ensure data redundancy and data security. For more information on how and why Google enforces this security architecture see

Do external parties have access to Google Data or processing facilities (e.g. disk replacement, maintenance)?

Only those approved, certified, audited, and directed by Google and adhering to the US Safe Harbor.

Does Google have an asset management policy or program?

Yes, Google follows a strict data privacy program. For more information on Google Data Privacy see

Do third party vendors have access to our data?


Does Google back up all Google Analytics data?

Yes, Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium data is stored across multiple servers and data centers.

Are secured protocols used to transmit, process or store Scoped Systems and Data?

Yes, multiple security measures are used to transmit data from a website to Google's data centers.

What is the geographical location of the data center securely storing my Google Analytics?

There is no one location where your data is stored, Google employs a distributed approach to data storage so your data would be across many Google owned data warehouses.

Does Google update and support Google Analytics Premium with updates and patches?

Yes, Google releases patches and product updates, announcing them through the appropriate channels as the release occurs. If you select Internetrix as your Google Analytics Premium Reseller, part of our offering is to keep you up to date with what is happening with the product and industry.

Does Google have a dedicated team responsible for privacy compliance?


Does Google provide a formally documented privacy policy?

Yes, refer to

Does Google perform regular privacy risk assessments?


Will Google provide controls to ensure the privacy of personally identifiable information hosted and/or maintains by a service provider and/or client?

Collection of personally identifiable information is in violation of Google's privacy policy. Such information will be obfuscated or warnings will be given to companies that collect it.

Does Google share my Google Analytics data in Google or with third parties?

Google provides users with the option to anonymously share their data, controlled under privacy options, if you opt out of sharing, your data is not shared. For more information

Does Google ensure that data shared with other third parties is protected? 

Yes, for more information

Can I be sure that Google Analytics Premium will work when I need it?

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is part of a Google Analytics Premium agreement guarantees it will work as per the agreement terms. Compensation is available should Google Analytics Premium be unavailable for an extended period of time.

What is the SLA for Google Analytics Premium?

The Google Analyics Premium Service Level Agreements includes data collection, reporting, and processing. Google guarantees the following level; 99.9% Collection up-time, 99% Reporting up-time, 98% Data Freshness (new data will be available within 4 hours). If Google Analytics Premium does not meet these level Google will consider compensation for effected customers.

Is a dedicated support person provided by Google for our Premium account?

Yes, Google assigns a dedicated account manager. If you select Internetrix as your Google Analytics Premium Reseller, we will also provide an account manager.

Does Google provide a 24/7 support desk?

Google provides a 24/7 Emergency Escalation desk for problems that occur if the product slips outside of it's SLA, as well as 10h per day, 5 day per week email and phone support.

Does Google provide product training?

Yes, Google provides live and webinar training. There is also a large repository of product documentation online at

Does the Premium SLA provide financial compensation if service falls outside of the stated limits?


What skills and infrastructure is required by my organisation to support and maintain Google Analytics Premium?

You require no infrastructure. Implementation and maintenance may require basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript as well as the IT skills required to add code your website. If you select Internetrix as your Google Analytics Premium Reseller, Internetrix has a proven methodology to work with organisations to ensure a World Class implementation of Google Analytics.

How long does it take to get Google Analytics Premium up and running?

The Google Analytics Premium can be completed in a few days, for a World Class Analytics implementation, a few months are required, depending on the size of your digital presence. 

How will I learn about new features and updates to Premium?

You can follow the official Google Analytics blog, talk to your dedicated support team at Internetrix. Internetrix will also provide regular updates on the product and industry trends.

What do I need to do to upgrade to Premium?

If you're already running Google Analytics, you don't need to do anything. If you need help implementing some of the features in Premium, consult the Online Performance team at Internetrix.

To make contact with Internetrix please email, phone or fill out our enquiry form.

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