Key Features

The Google Analytics 360 (Google Marketing Platform) is packed with seven world-class solutions that combine to help optimise your marketing to drive revenue. The Google Marketing Platform will help to keep your enterprise on top of your data, providing access to numbers faster and easier. If you are experience large volumes of traffic or spending big with digital marketing The Google Marketing Platform is the tool you need to give your data meaning and drive marketing revenue.

Exclusive Google Analytics 360 Features:

Google Solution



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Collects granular data to offer behavioural tracking and solutions to analytics problems

  • Data-drive attribution modeling
  • 200 customer dimensions and metrics
  • Fresh data (up to 4 hours)
  • Unsampled data
  • Processing of up to one billion hits per month

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Provides a great solution for management of all tracking and tags.

  • Enterprise support and Service Level Agreements
  • Advanced workflow integration
  • Deployment and integration of Software Development Kits (SDK's)
  • A unique code for implementation across website
  • Flexbility and accuracy in data collection
  • API construct and configure containers and tags

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A powerful interactive and engaging visualisation tool for data from various sources.

  • Seamless access to all data including 3rd parties.
  • Easy-to-use and appealing reports and dashboards
  • Sharing and collaboration for colleagues

lockup ic Optimize360 horiz 36px clr

Tests different variations of your website so that you can accurately refine and optimise your customer experiences.

  •  Integrates with Google Analytics directly
  • Easy set up process without need for developers
  • Visual editing available to tailor content 
  • Tracking and evaluation of text experiments
  • Computational modelling and intelligent results

lockup ic Attribution360 horiz 36px clr

Attribution brings your offline and online data together so you can set smarter, informed marketing strategies. 

  •  Cross-Device attribution identifies which channels contribute to conversions
  • Data-driven algorithmic approach
  • Flexible data integration with other Google products
  • Budget optimisation scenarios to see the impact of future marketing investments

lockup ic AudienceCntr horiz 36px clr

Google's first data management platform for enterprises that connects marketers with their customers on different channels and websites.

  • Easy identification of customer segments so you can personalise messaging
  • Promote your understanding of how marketing channels work together
  • Helping your enterprise improve ROI through personalised targeting

lockup ic Surveys360 horiz 36px clr

Quick and reliable gathering of insights from consumers across the internet and mobile platforms at a fraction of normal marketing research cost. 

  • Advanced geographic targeting
  • User-list targeting allows you to reach the right people at the right time.