Key Features

Google Analytics 360 (Premium) is packed with features - making it a bigger and the better analytics product for your enterprise business. The Web Analytics features found in Google Analytics 360 (Premium) bridge the data gap for marketers, eCommerce and revenue teams - making it easier to form enterprise level data-driven decisions.

Google Analytics 360 (Premium) will help to keep your enterprise business on top of your data figures, providing access to numbers faster and easier. Analytics 360 (Premium) also integrates seamlessly with the Google Cloud Platform for flawless insights. If you are experience large volumes of traffic or spending big with digital marketing an Enterprise Web Analytics tool is a must and Google Analytics 360 (Premium) is the tool you need.

Exclusive Google Analytics Premium Features:

Exclusive to Analytics 360 (Premium)

  • Attribution Modelling tool for Multi-Channel Funnels

  • Lifted data limitations

Has More Power

  • 1 billion hits per month

  • Up to 3 million rows of data in unsampled reports

  • 4-hour data refresh

  • Guaranteed reliable data access - 24 hours, 7 days a week

  • Maximum safety and security for your data

  • Data you own and control

  • Faster, intra-day processing starting at up to 1 billion hits per month

Service Level Agreement

  • 99.9% on Collection up-time

  • 99% on Reporting up-time

  • 98% on on-time Data Freshness (within 4 hours)

Expert Support

Internetrix are Google Analytics Premium experts and partners, we provide ongoing support, account management, provide training and assist on analytics operations.

  • We have the expertise and provide you with the knowledge for better data-driven decisions

  • We help you uncover data that really matters

  • We provide support 24 hours, 7 days a week

Enterprise Analytics Tools

  • Up to 50 Custom Variable slots

  • Up to 200 Custom Dimensions
  • Up to 200 Custom Metrics
  • Custom Tables
  • Big Query Connection
  • Additional Product Integration
  • Unsampled report downloads for custom report requests

  • Unaggregated report downloads for large report requests (up to 1 million rows per download)

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