Analytics 360 (Premium) vs Standard

Already using Google Analytics and unsure if you should make the move to Google Analytics 360 (Premium)? The following comparison breakdown will highlight some key areas where Google Analytics 360 (Premium) can help your business's digital presence take the next big step to enterprise.



Analytics 360 (Premium)

24 / 7 Dedicated Support Team    Included
Dedicated Account Management   Included 
World Class Tagging Implementation Additional Cost  Included 
Customised Account Configuration to your Business  Additional Cost Included 
Product Training  Additional Cost Included 
Product Updates   Included 


Data Processing and Limits


Analytics 360

Processing Hits Limits (per Month)  10 Million 1 Billion
Report Data Rows Available 50,000  3 Million 
Unsampled Reporting   Included 
Unsampled Report Exporting   Included 
Data Freshness  Within 48 hours Within 4 hours 


Service Level Agreement (SLA)


 Analytics 360 (Premium)

Data Processing Freshness 24+ hours   Within 4 hours
Data Collection 50,000  99.9% 
Report Data Availability   99.9% 
SLA Guarantee   Included 


Tools and Features


 Analytics 360 (Premium)

Custom Variables  5  50
Custom Metrics 20   200
Custom Dimensions 20   200
Additional Attribution Modelling   Included 
Further Product Integrations   Included 


What does this mean for your business?

The additional power and features of Google Analytics Premium give your organisation the ability to;


  • The Google Analytics Premium Service Level Agreement (data collection, reporting, and processing) lets you know your data will be there when you need it 
  • Unsampled Reports and Lifted Data Limits means the data you are analysing is complete and accurate
  • Dedicated Account Management to make sure you are using the product to its full potential
  • 24 / 7 Tiered Support to give you the comfort of knowing there is help if you need it

Gain Deeper Insight

  • Measure all digital marketing channels to better understand  how they work together to drive conversions
  • Better modeling for attribution channels and pathways to more effectively reflect your business
  • Additional configuration parameters allow for extended data collection to better understand your traffic
  • Premium-only features, such as the Attribution Modelling tool for Multi-Channel Funnels provide more insight into the value from channels and visitors

Be More Agile

  • Data freshness in less that 4 hours on standard reports allows you to measure impact and pivot mid campaign
  • Implementation Consultation & Tagging Audit to ensure your configuration is complete and flexible to grow and change with your business
  • Customised product training allowing you to learn how to do use the product as you require


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