Google Analytics 360 (Premium) with Internetrix

Why should enterprise-level organisations should choose Internetrix to support their Google Analytics 360 (Premium)?

Internetrix works in partnership with Google Analytics 360 (Premium) to help Enterprise-level clients better understand their online performance and maximise their e-commerce revenue.

Google’s Analytics 360 (Premium) platform is designed specifically for Enterprise-level organisations. It provides Google’s renowned analysis of websites and digital performance, but at a higher level of sophistication and complexity to meet the needs of large, multi-faceted enterprises with a strong digital presence.

As a Google Analytics 360 (Premium) reseller and partner, Internetrix works in partnership with Google Analytics 360 (Premium) to deliver analytics solutions with enterprise-sized features and an enterprise-focused support package, including  a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.

Here are some reasons why Enterprise-level organisations should consider a Google Analytics 360 (Premium) package through Internetrix:

  • FASTER BETTER DATA:  Google Analytics 360 (Premium) gives users fast access to all data, whereas Google Analytics Standard has a number of data limitations.
  • TRUSTED INTERFACE:  Google Analytics 360 (Premium) retains the same interface features that Google Analytics Standard users have grown to love and trust, making the transition to the Premium package seamless.
  • IMPROVED DATA USAGE:  The Google Analytics 360 (Premium) product has lifted data limitations to ensure enterprises can make better data-driven decisions and undertake attribution modelling for accurate conversion channel assignment.
  • PRODUCT AND INDUSTRY EXPERTISE:  Internetrix has the expertise and experience to push the technology further, going beyond advanced tagging and account configurations to deliver customised solutions for your business.
  • HIGHLY COLLABORATIVE:  At Internetrix we work closely with our clients to understand your goals and needs, delivering tagging, product configuration, feature set-up and custom reporting that gives you the insight to grow your business and meeting your digital goals. 
  • PROVEN SUCCESS: Our custom Analytics solutions have helped our public and private sector customers across a wide range of industries reach their digital goals with improved acquisition, retention and conversion.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS: Google Analytics 360 (Premium) has a fixed annual fee, which includes Internetrix's world-class product support, so you can budget your annual Digital Analytics spend.

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